Virtual Reality Electronic Sports, a unique E-Sports crypto currency based on the blockchain network.

is a digital currency for VR-ESport

Blockchain technology

Sachio is built on blockchain technology as an intermediary for using VR Esport

General Platform

Sachio is planning to develop a general platform for the VR games market

Multi Functional

Users will be able to interact, spectate and support their favorite player, building a more exciting VR gaming ecosystem.

Why Choose US

Our strength is setting up VR pods (machines) not only in Japan but also locations worldwide. We are considering a mechanism that will make it possible for users to easily experience VR video games by using the items that we have already deployed, and to engage in video games with tokens in the future.

Multi-device matching platform

eSports begin with the matching of competitors, and when playing VR video games, head-mounted displays are needed. Nevertheless, there are numerous manufacturers of head-mounted displays (hereinafter “HMD”), and the video games that can be played differ for each manufacturer.

VR eSports holding platform

As for platforms for the holding of competitions, we will carry out development in order to make it possible for a wide range of competitions to be held, with VR eSports as the target. In eSports, Dota 2 is remarkable for its long history, popularity, and fame. League of Legends (LoL) also has many users, and competitions that are held offer large amounts of prize money.

Viewing platform

It is envisioned that in the future, video games using integrated-type HMD, which will be common, will become widespread and an environment will be created in which such games can be viewed even in ordinary households, so we will develop a viewing platform for maximum utilization of the attractive features of VR.

Betting platform

Users watching competitions will not only be able to view but also place bets on competition outcomes. When players compete against each other, the players’ odds of winning will be calculated based on their track record and so on. The odds will fluctuate and shift to the optimal rate as watching users place bets.

Sachio Mobile Application

Sachio will soon present a mobile application to facilitate the use of E-Sport facilities.


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Awesome Team

Virginia Kastilio

CEO Founder

Virginia Kastilio has engaged in sales and security related businesses for many years and has managed over 200 people in his role developing business.

Nick Hollins

Chief Technology Officer

Nick Hollins has an award winning track record across multiple industries in Japan. Early in his career, he recorded record sales of sneakers over the course of one year, garnering him nation-wide attention in media

Nikhil Kale

Chief Operating Officer

Nikhil Kale is a Canadian business builder and globe trotter, based between Tokyo and Vancouver. Part executive, part entrepreneur, whole crypto enthusiast. Blockchain caught his eye at the beginning of 2017 and he caught the bug.

Liz Wald

Chief Knowledge Officer

Liz Wald started his career by setting up a design office in the early 1990s. In the mid 90s, he launched a provider business where he worked on developing various companies' networks and DTP.

Jim Winett

Chief Promotions Officer

A manager of Japanese celebrities, she decided to combine her longtime passion for technology and gaming, with her more recent passion for crypto, the blockchain, and the decentralizing of anything and everything, and pursue a career in the blockchain/technology sector.

Stef Sifandos

Chief Marketing Officer

A native of Chicago, Jon Ealey worked in corporate communications at Pepsi for 3 years and as a graphic designer for law firms in Chicago for another year before coming to Japan. In his 10 years in Japan, he’s become fluent in the language and continues to study French and Spanish as well

Jian Yian Shen

Marketing Manager

Jian Yian Shen studied film production in Vietnam, and after returning to Japan, became involved in the production of movies, television dramas, and corporate videos. He helped to make the world’s first 360° VR live stream a success, and has been involved with VR at a cutting-edge and advanced level.

Yanik Silver

Promotion Manager

Yanik Silver is engaged in management consulting and IT consulting for major Japanese consulting firms and leading software companies. He leads system integration projects in a wide range of business areas such as accounting, supply chain, CRM, marketing and corporate business processes.

Rui Maximo


Rui Maximo is a payment industry and cryptocurrency veteran that has been involved in bitcoin since 2011. He was the Japan Country Manager for Neovia (now Paysafe), and then went on to co-found blockchain based digital wallet PEGAPAY in 2012, payment / marketplace platform PRIMO, and now, the ICO platform ZILLA.



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