Sachio Tokens PreSale

Unique E-Sports crypto currency based on the blockchain network.


Token PreSale Information

Bonus Information

    Buy More Bonus
    0.05 ETH 5%
    0.1 ETH 10%
    0.5 ETH 15%
    1 ETH 20%
    5 ETH 25%

How To Buy

    1. Make sure the wallet address you are using, is never used to send eth to Smart Contract.
    2. Send ETH to Smart Contract at least 0.05 ETH, under 0.05 we consider donations.
    3. Our Smart Contract is 0xf34839b310097fcb4cf3a302dda8cc9b57501083.
    4. Click the button below and fill in the required data.
    5. We will send the token approximately 5 - 30 minutes after you submit data.
    6. Get an additional bonus of 75% of the total bonus if you use referral link.
    7. If there is a problem please ask via Telegram.

Enter your personal info

  • Reff
  • Make sure the data above is correct ?

One more step! Click the button below and you will receive payment instructions

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